"Sucker" is a song by American pop rock band Jonas Brothers. The song was released on March 1, 2019, through Republic Records. It is the group's first single released together in six years, since their reunion a day before the song was released. The group co-wrote the song with Louis Bell and its producers Ryan Tedder and Frank Dukes. The Jonas Brothers appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden each night from March 4 to 7 to promote the track. It reached number one in Australia, Canada, Latvia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Slovakia and the United States. "Sucker" has earned airplay across 30 stations, which spun the track, with the KIIS network out in front accounting for 19 to 24 spins. Nova again lead the charge however with all their capital city stations averaging 44 spins. "Sucker" is this Weeks, Greatest Gainer moving up 49 places from #93 to #54.


Anyone who grew up in the 2000’s knows that the Jonas Brothers were nothing short of a cultural phenomenon back in the day. Over the years, the trio have all gone about their own careers and lives, but it seems anything is possible in 2019, because they’re back. The Jonas Brothers have returned with a funky and lively track ‘Sucker,’  a distinct swagger and catchiness marking one of this year’s biggest comebacks.


Everyone’s gone and explored their own paths in life, and that all shows in the Jonas Brothers’ redefined sound. Though Kevin Jonas largely stayed out of the limelight since the band originally parted ways, Nick  Jonas kept his pop flair alive with solo career (releasing his debut Last Year Was Complicated in 2016) and Joe Jonas explored funk and pop in his  band DNCE. You feel a bit of everything in ‘Sucker:’ Nick’s crooning vocals that ooze sensuality, Joe’s funky swagger apparent in the rhythm and melodies, and Kevin’s tight instrumentation keeping things driving forward but ever giving too much or too little. The Jonas Brothers certainly picked the perfect track to show that they’re still as solid as ever.


The song itself is pretty much a funky “look who’s back and ready for more,” but in the best ways. Even the song’s subject is a spiced up version of the old Jonas Brothers’ flair, the song replacing teenage attraction with matured sexuality. The chorus tantalizingly croons “I'm a sucker for you / You say the word and I'll go anywhere blindly / I'm a sucker for you, yeah / Any road you take, you know that you'll find me,” Nick and Joe harmonizing wonderfully together in perfect unison. The music video is a flaunt as well, the brothers’ wives all staring alongside them as they live a lavish and free lifestyle. It’s like a reintroduction back into their lives as a unit, rather than separate entities.


The Jonas Brothers have comeback with style and flair with ‘Sucker,’ the group’s first single in over six years. If this single keeps making comebacks, it’s that the Jonas Brothers are back and here to stay. Big things are bound to be ahead with a comeback like this, and we’re ready for it.

Songs Added To Radio This Week:Songs Added To Radio This Week:
"Solar Power" is the lead single and title track from New Zealand singer Lorde, upcoming third studio album, scheduled for release in 2021. On June 7 finally brought something from Lorde. Jack Antonoff, Lorde's producer, had posted a picture of the cover of "Solar Power" on his Instagram and Lorde's website was updated to say "Coming in 2021" and "Patience is a Virtue". After the song being leaked and released early on June 10, Ella sent an email to her fans announcing that not only would her lead single be titled "Solar Power", so would her third album. She also mentioned how her song was released on the only solar eclipse of the year, and to look at the natural calendar for clues on when her album would come out."Solar Power" earned KIIS 1011 getting behind Lorde with 29 spins in all day parts this week up from only 6 in afternoons and evenings. HIT & NOVA networks as well as K-ROCK and NEW FM also spun the track this week."Solar Power" is This Week's Hot Debut entering the Hot 100 at #30.

Lorde’s return has been 4 years in the making, and she’s finally ready to bless the world with her third studio album ‘Solar Power’ which is slated for release this summer (winter time for Australian and New Zealand readers… so yes, VERY soon). To coincide with the big announcement she’s also dropped the title track which unveils the breezy summer sonical direction this new era hears her heading in.

Opening with a stripped back guitar similar to ‘The Louvre’, she keeps the production in a minimalistic soundscape with layered vocals building the vision gradually. Once she reaches the final chorus she explodes with a euphoric summer production that is still light and could be the perfect soundtrack to a coastal drive. Lacking the same sonical punch of the songs from ‘Melodrama’, this track is very chilled out, and hints at the breezier and organic direction she’s been experimenting with and it’s totally refreshing.

Lyrically making reference to nature and the environment around her, she encourages the listener to immerse themselves in the beauty of the people surrounding them and get lost in the wonder of it all. “Forget all of th? tears that you’ve cried. It’s ov?r. It’s a new state of mind. Are you coming, my baby?” she sings during the carefree hook. But the lyric that has got everyone talking is the sassy; “I’m kinda like a prettier jesus”, and I’m ready to set that used all over social media from now on.

‘Solar Power’ has already divided fans and listeners by its very chilled out soundscape, but to be honest, it’s refreshing and a bold introduction to this next chapter.  There’s a lightness she needed to share, and that’s what this next album embraces.
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Solar Power
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